Senior Centers & Clubs

Service Offerings

RBSCC proudly operates six senior centers and three clubs . Although each of our centers has a distinct personality, all share a common mission: they seek to enhance the lives of senior citizens, aged 60 and over, through the provision of social services, advocacy, and activities to facilitate social interaction and companionship.

Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Center (RBSC)

Through a multi-service approach, the Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Center, provides nutritional, recreational and social services. This includes a daily hot, nutritious breakfast and lunch, case assistance, transportation and health promotion programs. The center has weekly dances as well as trips, special events and birthday parties on a monthly basis. This center began by serving a large Italian and German community but now serves a diverse population of Latin and Filipino seniors. The center serves approximately 200 members a day and has a membership of approximately 900 seniors.

Hope Gardens Multi Service Center

This center provides comprehensive support programs for predominantly Latino elderly, including: recreation and cultural services, daily hot, nutritious breakfasts and lunches, trips, health promotion programs, and case assistance entitlement counseling. The center serves approximately 150 seniors a day and has a membership of 860 seniors.

Borinquen Plaza Senior Center (BPSC)

Borinquen Plaza Senior Center provides a comprehensive program of congregate services for the elderly of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, including: daily hot, nutritious breakfasts and lunches, and a variety of recreational, educational, and health promotion activities. BPSC is also the caterer for the Los Sures Senior Center in Williamsburg. The center serves approximately 200 clients per day and has a membership of approximately 800 seniors. Services now are offered to a diverse Latin, African American and Chinese population.

Roundtable Senior Center

Roundtable Senior Center provides a comprehensive program of congregate services for senior citizens, including: nutrition, recreation, and transportation services, social service, art, and educational classes, health promotion activities, as well as a senior volunteer telephone reassurance program. The center has a legacy of serving the African American communities of Brooklyn and Queens and members travel from communities like Jamaica and Canarsie to stay connected to friends at the center. The center provides daily congregate breakfast, lunch and dinner service. The center serves about 75 people a day and has a membership of approximately 250 seniors.

Saratoga Square Senior Center

This center offers a comprehensive program of congregate services for the elderly of Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, including: recreational and nutritional activities designed to promote health, mental and physical wellbeing as well as opportunities for socialization. It also provides daily hot, nutritious lunches and dinners. The center serves approximately 60 to 75 clients a day and a membership of approximately 200 seniors.

Diana H. Jones Innovative Senior Center

This center also provides a comprehensive program of congregate services for the elderly of Williamsburg, Bushwick, and Bedford Stuyvesant including nutrition, arts, and education classes, transportation and social services, along with extensive health promotion activities. Diana H. Jones was recognized as an Innovative Senior Center, and was the only center awarded this honor in Brooklyn. This recognizes the program for developing an extensive number of programs oriented to both physical and emotional wellness. The center offers evidence-based programming including activities like the nationally recognized Tai Chi class "A Matter of Balance". Staff members at this site have developed a cutting edge comprehensive health assessment to over 200 senior members.

Also, under the Innovative Senior Center Model we were able to hire a Chinese speaking MSW adding to our bilingual Spanish speaking Case Aide to offer case assistance and social services to the ever growing Chinese speaking population in Williamsburg and Bushwick. This social worker offers services to both Borinquen Plaza and Hope Gardens Chinese speaking seniors.

The Diana H. Jones Innovative Senior Center serves approximately 180 members a day and has a membership of 700 seniors.

Senior Clubs

RBSCC is recognized for our experience in running multi-purpose senior centers, and because of this reputation, the NYC Department for the Aging asked us to take over sponsorship for three small senior programs formerly operated by NYC Housing Authority in three NYCHA complexes. On July 1, 2015 we began operating the Breevort Senior Club and the Stuyvesant Gardens Senior Club in Community Board 3 in Brooklyn and the Palmetto Gardens Senior Club in Bushwick. These programs currently offer a hot nutritious lunch and health promotion and physical exercise programs, as well as educational and recreational programming. Currently the programs offer services to a smaller number of participants, however, as all three locations are housed in NYCHA senior buildings, we are looking for ways to increase program participation.

Breevort Senior Club

280 Ralph Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11233
Phone: (347) 318-3383
Hours: 9 to 5

Stuyvesant Gardens Senior Club
150 Malcolm X. Blvd.
Brooklyn, NY 11221
Phone: (347) 318-3313
Hours: 9 to 5

Palmetto Gardens Senior Club

85 Palmetto St.
Brooklyn, New York 11221
Phone: (718) 676-0876
Hours: 8 to 4


As an outgrowth of our senior center services, RBSCC also provides other key services to homebound and frail seniors (60 and older) through advocacy efforts and a continuum of services oriented to individual, family and community needs. These extensive services stem from our commitment to supporting the efforts of seniors and their families to live safely and with dignity in their own home.

The services offered at our senior centers vary to some degree. It is best to contact the center in which you are interested to better determine if the services there will meet your needs. See our office listings

Free breakfast, lunch and dinner meals are served from Monday through Friday to seniors who attend the centers. The Diana H. Jones center is now open to provide meals on Saturdays. 

Health Screenings are provided on a regular basis, and some in coordination with local hospitals. In addition, the centers host lectures and discussions on a variety of health-related topics such as Alzheimer's, high blood pressure, pain management, eye care, hearing, nutrition, etc. Several centers offer walking clubs as a fun way to get regular exercise. Classes are available to educate seniors on the prevention of falls and fractures, as well as strategies to alleviate back and neck pain. Finally, some centers conduct annual health fairs, which bring together health and medical professionals and services in order to facilitate the well-being of seniors.

Case assistance, counseling, and advocacy are provided to seniors on all social service entitlements including Social Security, Food Stamps (SNAP), Medicare, Medicare Part D, Medicaid, Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption Program (SCRIE), and Heat Energy Assistance Program (HEAP). Information, counseling, assistance and referrals are also provided in the areas of housing, immigration and citizenship, and other legal issues.

The centers host monthly birthday parties to honor members. The parties feature live music, dancing, and refreshments and all are welcome to enjoy the festivities. Seasonal holiday parties include Three King's Day, Chinese New Year, New Year's, Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween, Mother's Day, and Father's Day.

The centers offer a wide array of health promotion and educational and recreational services including: Tai-Chi, Yoga, dancing, arts and crafts, painting, photography, sewing, choral group, billiards, dominoes, classes in English as a Second Language, computer literacy, and exercise/movement. Additionally, a variety of day trips are often scheduled.


Transportation to and from centers are provided on a daily basis to those members who require assistance. Additionally, the center may arrange for transportation to medical appointments, hospitals, and other center activities. This service is available on an as-needed basis.