Empowering Our Clients

Meet Alan

"When I came here, I was on my last leg. The Career Pathways Program literally saved my life."

Alan is a 51 year-old Brooklyn native, and has no other family other than his older brother Brian. 

Alan served in the United States Army, E7 from 1981-1983. His duties were repairing nuclear missiles, power generators and radars. After being honorably discharged from the army, he chose a career as a Caretaker with the New York City Housing Authority. He was employed there from 2001-2005.

Alan enrolled in the Career Pathways program in October 2012, originally intending to receive licensure as a New York State security guard. After speaking with Alan and discovering that he was a United States Veteran, as well as homeless, he was referred to the SSVF program for housing services.

Alan credits the Empowerment Center with getting him back to a "working frame of mind" and getting him excited to become part of the work force again. He feels that he would have been lost without the services of the Empowerment Center, and credits his experience at the center with helping him grow into a more accomplished individual. The center, as he puts it, "reinstilled pride within me."

Alan is employed with FJC Security Services as a full-time licensed security guard and is currently working with the SSVF program for re-housing services.

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