Our Work

RBSCC staff is dedicated to serving the residents of Community Board #5 in Queens and Community Boards #1, #4, and #16 in Brooklyn, an area covering 14 square miles, home to over 446,000 residents and encompassing some of the poorest neighborhoods in New York State. With over 2,000 employees, RBSCC makes a difference in the community each and every day. To learn more about RBSCC's accomplishments, please visit our Awards and Recognition page. 

Senior Services

Senior Centers

400 seniors are provided transportation to and from our senior centers every week, and 3,900 seniors are served a healthy breakfast and lunch at no charge at our six senior centers. 

Our senior centers host health classes and screenings, Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamp and Social Security assistance,  and recreational and educational classes and day trips for seniors.

1,245 seniors were served a Thanksgiving meal last year at our centers. 2,371 homebound seniors were brought a Thanksgiving dinner at home.

766 seniors were served a Christmas meal last year at our centers. 2,350 homebound seniors were brought a Christmas dinner at home.

Events for Seniors

We host parties & special events for seniors and their families. Last year, 1,593 seniors attended our summer picnic.

Support for Seniors and Their Families

We run an innovative Respite Care program that gives caregivers to seniors needed breaks from the continual care they give to their parents and in-laws and relatives.

Housing for Seniors

26 independent living apartments have been created to enable seniors the opportunity to live in an assisted living environment with full support.

Health Care Center

In 2001, we established the Buena Vida Health Care Center,  home to 240 long-term and short-term residents.

Youth Services

After-School Programs

Our after-school programs serve 1400 students and their parents. (In an innovative twist, students and their parents are encouraged to receive services as needed).

My Voice Theatre Company, RBSCC's high school theater group,  is celebrating its 18th anniversary in 2014.

Sister Sage volunteers worked dozens of events yearly including Meals on Wheels, soup kitchens, cancer awareness, and neighborhood beautification projects.

In-School Programs

Our Graduate Prepare Succeed program works with 230 truant students each year successfully getting them to attend school 90% of the time.

The In-School Youth program helped 100 students develop educational and career goals.
500 students took arts and sports classes at the Youth Center this year.

Jobs for Students

Our Summer Youth Employment program employed 600 students last summer, and each student earned an average of $1,087.



Empowerment Center staff assisted 80 food stamps recipients with job training.  Of this group,  55 received industry-recognized job credentials and are now employed.


50 families received free legal representation in court and 100% of evictions were prevented by Empowerment Center staff.

21 community residents learned about their rights as tenants through RBSCC's Empowerment Center's Law Project.


RBSCC assisted 781 households last year, and over 90% of these families and single adults were prevented from becoming homeless.

Housing Development

On November 21, 2014, Knickerbocker Commons, the first designed, affordable multi-family passive house in the country celebrated its ribbon cutting. See our Awards and Recognition page.

1,200 units have been brought to market to first time home buyers. Of these, 600 are state-of-the-art units for seniors. 

1,000 families have found newly created rental opportunities in newly created housing, of these 500 are in state-of-the-art units for seniors.

600 units have been rehabilitated and improved.

VeTeran Support

60 veteran's families did not get evicted and remained in their communities.

143 homeless veterans were placed into stable housing.

Staff assisted 40 returning veterans from Iraq & Afghanistan.

20 veterans received additional skills training and got jobs.